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If you're considering selling property in Kew Garden Hills, our local experts at Asking Price Realty want to set you up for success.

Selling property can be a stressful, time-consuming process. The first, and most important step toward eliminating stress and saving time is to hire a Realtor. But not just any Realtor. You want to find a local Realtor with a proven track record who is an expert on real estate in your area.

At  Asking Price Realty, we know everything that's on the market in our community. We have the expertise to quickly assess the value of your property, and to give you the expert guidance you need in order to price it correctly and quickly find a qualified buyer.

As members of the Kew Gardens Hills community, it's vital to us that buyers coming to the area see the neighborhood, its businesses, its parks and its real estate in the same wonderful light as we do. That's why we're committed to helping our sellers prepare their homes to show beautifully in order to help them achieve the highest possible selling price in the least amount of time.

From our careful preparation of a Comparative Market Analyses, to navigating the staging and marketing process, to scheduling and managing showings, to negotiating the sale, managing the escrow process and closing the deal, Asking Price Realty takes every measure to ensure that the sale of your Kew Gardens Hills home goes as smoothly, and with as little stress as possible.

Our Internet market strategies are some of the most innovative in New York, and our extensive partnerships help put our clients' homes in front of as many qualified buyers as possible.

Are you thinking of selling property in Kew Gardens Hills? If so, contact us at (718) 380-5000 Asking Price Realty . We're committed to our community and to helping you sell your home.

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