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Just like many other people, you know how difficult it can be to sell a home. Not only do you want to sell your home in a timely manner, you also want to get the best possible deal. This is why we've designed an aggressive, yet strategic program that will speed up the selling process at no risk.

One of our many smart and convenient solutions that we offer to homeowners is our 25 Day Guaranteed Program. If you decide to partake in this exciting opportunity, we'll help you sell your home within 25 days. If it takes a period longer than 25 days to find a buyer for your home, we'll sell it for FREE!

Terms & Conditions

All relevant details are included in the Guaranteed Program contract. However, you should also know about a few requirements we hold in place for sellers to qualify for this program. They are as follows:

  • The property in question must be "sell-able." This simply means that the home should be completed in construction, and it should be ready for new owners immediately. Contact us to find out if your home qualifies!
  • The property must possess a realistic asking price. If the asking price is significantly different from its appraisal worth, the property likely won't qualify for the program.

Should You Use the Guaranteed Program?

This program is especially good for property owners who want to see their homes sold for the intended asking price in 25 days.

The Guaranteed Program is completely risk-free, meaning if we can't find a buyer within 25 days, we'll sell the property free of cost. With this opportunity, the selling process could be complete in a little more than three weeks.

Likewise, this program is extremely efficient and quick. It seems unbelievable, but with us, it's achievable!

Let us sell your home within 25 days for your intended asking price - give us a call at (718)380-5000 or fill out the form below to get started with the Guaranteed Program!

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